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Process Solutions 

European Gate Valves has had the privilege to be involved with many industries over its lifetime and are often brought into a site where a process problem exists. We are asked to look at these problems to see if we can provide a solution. We look to our existing range of solutions and valves we manufacture but also alternative solutions available, then see how we can adapt to assist in solving the problem. 
Below are some examples of processes we have been involved with and helped to solve their issues/problems: 
Post Combustion Chamber Issues 
Waste to Energy Plant - Post Combustion Chamber 
High temperature 650°C 
Abrasive material 
Upto 3 ton drops of built up material 
Steam explosions from material dropping directly into the water filled conveyor 
Process outages to clear build up of material 
Custom design after working closely with site employees 
Full stainless steel construction 
Hydraulic Actuation with local powerpack 
Reduced falling of material and process outages to zero 
Heatexchanger Cleaning
Heatexchanger built up and ineffeciencies 
Diesel engine gasses passed over a heatexchanger to ultimately generate electricity 
High temperature 450°C 
High soot levels depositing on the heatexchanger tubes 
Soot deposts causing problems with effeciency 
Custom cleaning solution using Sonic Horns 
Angled into the heatexchanger to penetrate between the tubes 
Sound energy reberberates around the chamber 
Custom timers to allow fine control of Sonic Horns 
Little to no soot sitting on the heatexchanger tubes 
Heatexchanger effeciency back to normal 
Continuous Pyrolysis
Continuous Pyrolysis Reactor 
Batch pyrolysis reactor/retort exist but are labour intensive with loading and unloading 
Ineffecient with the heating up and cooling down times 
Requires cleaning out 
Using our extensive knowledge of pyrolysis and gasification systems 
Continuous feed using our unique valve system 
Chipped plastic or tyre feed 
24/7 Operation, no down time. 
Wear plates installed for abrasive steel with tyre chips 
Easily maintained 
Modular design 
100% Sealing Solution
100% Bubble tight seal at high temperature 
Gas fired Power Station having issues with obtaining both flow dampers and a 100% bubble tight seal 
High temperature 600°C 
Potential blowback from process 
No solution exists on the market 
Combined damper configuration to provide in a single unit both process flow and isolation with a 100% bubble tight seal at high temperature 
Fast Acting Slide Gate
160ms Fast Closing Emergency Slide Gate 
Biomass feed silo isolation to prevent a primary or seconary explosion of dust/gas propergating to the feed silo 
Large opening requires very fast actuation, under 200ms 
Must be able to withstand 0.5bar explosion 
Combines both Fast closing 160ms and process isolation gate in one body 
1200mm x 1200mm large gate (custom sizes) 
Onboard triggering system 
Different modes of operation 
Can operate as a straight forward process isolation gate 
ATEX certified 
Smelter Heatexchanger  
Off gases from smelter 
High temperature and abrasive material 
Vent gasses of divert to heat exchangers 
Build up of dust on the heat exchangers 
Custom design of dampers to modulate air flow across the heatexchanger 
Modular design of dampers to allow wear components to be replaced in place 
Precise and fast reacting dampers 
Use of Sonic Horns to keep the heat exchanger clean with custom timer controls so the cleaning process can be customised 
Sonic Horn cleaning system with custom timer, filter and regulator 
Sonic Horn Cleaning System
Post combustion chamber at French Waste to Energy Plant 
PCC in France
Coal bunker valve for isolation above feeder 
Coal Bunker Valve
High temperature whole tyre feed system isolation 
Whole tyre feed valve
Very fast acting ball valve for air flow testing of special products 
120ms Fast Acting Ball Valve
Railcar cleaning system to remove aggregate buildup 
Railcar Cleaning System
Very fast acting plug diverter to divert explosions to atmosphere 
Fast Acting Plug Diverter Valve
Post combustion chamber isolation valves 
PCC Isolation
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