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Bulk Materials - Feed and Discharge Valves 

Kiln Feed Valves 
When a leading soda ash manufacturer decided to automate its kiln feeding system it turned to European Gate Valves for a valve to satisfy the unique and challenging operating conditions. 
The new system required a valve capable of receiving a 3 tonne charge of up to 100mm rocks from a height of 3 metres, holding this charge above the kiln, releasing it in less than 0.5 seconds to ensure a parallel drop onto the dispersion cone and then closing again as quickly to minimise the escape of carbon dioxide. This cycle was to be repeated every 3 minutes. 
The valve had to be tough enough for the duty and able to operate 365 days per year with at least 2 years between shutdowns. Initially life expectancy of the unit was 10 years though with experience this has been revised to 20 years. 
The valve is designed so that all components can be removed without taking the body of the valve out of line. This philosophy is used on most of European Gate Valves products. 
This customer is not unique in its search for a suitable UK manufactured heavy duty valve where the manufacturer has the flexibility, experience and resource to respond to special conditions seen by thermal processes. 
Kiln Feed Valve
Soda Ash Kiln Feed Valve 
Silo Discharge Valves 
Light Duty 
Total product shut off when discharging from hoppers, bins and silos is an important process requirement. Whether for flow control or equipment isolation the need for reliable, maintainable valves is one which European Gate Valves addresses with a wide range of valve configurations and drives. For light powders and free flowing products European Gate Valves produce a range of slide gate valves which are cost effective whilst being robust enough to give long trouble free life. 
Heavy Duty 
For heavy duty applications as defined by the presence of either high loads, abrasive products, high temperatures or standing columns of dense material European Gate Valves valves again meet the challenge. A range of valves utilising double rack and pinion drives where the drive is out of the material flow have been utilised. As with nearly all European Gate Valves products the valves have been developed with ease of maintenance in mind and provide for full replacement of internals without removing the valve body from the line. 
Silo Discharge Valve
Light Duty Isolation Gate Valve 
Slide Gate Valves are robustly manufactured to suit a wide range of application requirements: 
Cast Iron for Strength; 
Cast High Nickel Alloys for high temperatures; 
High Chrome Irons for abrasion resistance; 
Fabricated construction in Carbon and Stainless Steels. 
Isolation Gate Valves to provide, operational and emergency seals on boiler and kiln feed lines or product feed control and interrupt in high temperatures and/or abrasive product applications; 
Silo isolation gate valves of compact design and long life. Spectacle style gates for product control available to suit application 
Range of actuators: 
Range of Applications: 
Custom designs available in a wide range of sizes to suit specific applications and process requirements 
Flange configuration to suit and accessories supplied to ensure full integration with the process and control equipment. 
Wide range of optional equipment: 
Control and monitoring with mini-PLC; 
Gate position indication through mounted contact limit switches, non-contact proximity switches or cylinder mounted reed switches; 
Air swept slides, purged seals and bonnets; 
Refactory lining, Heat Shields, Water Cooling 
Slide Gate Valve
Isolation Gate Valves ready for shipping
Custom Designed Gate Valve
Isolation Gate Valve
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