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Cement - Double Flap Valves 

Clinker Coolers  
The use of Double Flap Gate Valves in the cement industry is well established. Some applications have found that the Double Flap Valve was the only solution which provided reliability and long life in an environment where temperature, abrasion and pressure are all factors. 
European Gate Valves offer proven operational reliability and improved maintenance performance through the facility to change wear components with the valves in situ. With a significant number of units providing for many years of service European Gate Valves ensures full support for its’ products and a spares service to meet the critical nature of the customer’s operation. 
These two pictures show high temperture CH-200 Double Flap Valves with spacer, pneumatically actuated before shipping and after installation under the clinker cooler on a cement plant. 
Clinker Cooler Double Flap Valves
Installed Double Flap Valves under the Clinker Cooler
Alternative Fuel Kiln Feed Valves 
With the increasing reliance on alternative fuels for cement kiln operation European Gate Valves have supplied a number of valves to overcome the problems associated with these solid fuels. 
In the case of direct gravity feeding systems the valves also had to withstand the possibility of sustained high temperatures. With valves rated for up to 1,100°c the operators have felt confident that their upstream conveying systems are protected under all kiln operating conditions. 
Further protection was supplied in the form of emergency slam shut fire gates which, with their own air reservoirs, could isolate the kiln feed chute even if there was total power and mains air failure. 
The picture on the right is of a Tyre Chip feeding valve into a Kiln. 
CH 600 with Isolation Gate for Tyre Chip feeder
Maintenance Gate Valves 
Isolation of primary process equipment for maintenance purposes is often overlooked or considered an expensive luxury. European Gate Valves have worked with a number of companies to show the return on investment benefits through reduced downtime, improved Health and Safety environments and greater operational flexibility are real and tangible. 
With bespoke design and manufacture to suit the space constraints of existing equipment European Gate Valves can supply the solutions which will provide genuine returns. 
Double flap valves are robustly manufactured to suit a wide range of application requirements: 
Valve Bodies can be made in: Cast Iron, Cast High Nickel Chrome and Cast Aluminium 
Fabricated bodies made in Carbon steel or Stainless Steels 
High chrome alloy seats and flaps provide long life even in the most aggressive applications 
Range of Applications: 
Temperatures to 1000°C 
Differential pressures to 102 Kpa where positive is below 
Abrasiveness - Some of the most abrasive materials are comfortably handled 
Lump Size - Depends on the valve opening size 
Opening to 600mm square 
Range of actuators: 
Linear Pneumatic Cylinders 
Rotary Pneumatic Cylinders 
Electric Motor with cams or push rods 
Gravity or Manual 
Dual access covers 
Outboard Bearings 
Adjustable packed shaft seals as standard 
VDMA ISO standard cylinders 
Removable seat and flap with the valve in situ 
All metric standard components 
Wide range of optional equipment: 
PLC Control 
Flap position indication 
Heat shields 
Cooling for high temperature applications 
Purged high efficiency shaft seals 
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve
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